For nearly two decades, Fitzgerald’s Martial Arts, LLC has been Hyde Park’s premier martial arts program for children.  Research has shown that children’s performance in school subjects dramatically improve when they are involved in martial arts training. For many years, our students have achieved success at all educational levels including college.  Now, busy families have an affordable option for their children.  We can pick up you child from school one, two, three days a week or more.  For pick up five days a week, we charge $350.00 per month and our price decreases should you require fewer days.  Your child benefits from an after school program that combines learning good study habits with the self discipline of martial arts training.  It is time to give your child the best opportunity available to develop the skills necessary for real success!  

*We offer pick up service from most Hyde Park area schools.

*Study time.

*Martial Arts training.

Please feel free to call us at (773)643-5648.


We now offer transportation from school!